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Welcome to the Cruise Staff online application process. This is your first step to taking up an exciting career in the cruise line industry.

We would like to thank you for choosing Cruise staff to assist you and so we can be in the best position to help you please read these notes before you start to fill out an application.

  1. Fill out as many sections as you can as accurately as you can.
  2. Pay particular attention to your email address. If this is wrong we may not be able to contact you swiftly.
  3. When choosing the position of interest choose the position that most closely matches your most recent work experience. Cruise ship jobs are highly competitive and if you apply for a position that you have not worked in for a few years it may be difficult for you to gain employment.
  4. We will ask you for your resume later do not worry that you cannot upload it just yet. However you can cut and past your resume into the "last three positions" box if you like
  5. When filling out your last three positions all you need to do is:
    1. Fill out you position title
    2. Place of employment
    3. Dates of employment
  6. Click on the green “advance “ button at the bottom when you are ready to submit your application
  7. Wait a few days (up to 14 maximum) and we will respond to you.

Good Luck!!

The Cruise Staff team

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